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First Strike

The Machine: First Strike

W.C. Wallbaum Martinelli’s haunting description hung in the air like an icy fog, “I have travelled through time, Captain Sterling and it is not an experience to be taken lightly. The trip alone tears at your mind. It takes life and twists it beyond your depth of understanding. It’s as if nature itself understands that you are not where you are meant to be. The romantic aspects of it are quickly lost to the fact that you are now in a world you cannot recognize and were never meant to be in.” With those ominous words, Captain Jack Sterling, Professor Larimer Lownsbury, and young Will Masters are propelled into a mission across time to stop a maniacal force as old as mankind itself. A fantastic meteorite has been unearthed within the peaceful countryside and is, only now, releasing the enigmatic riddles locked within its mesmerizing façade. And, only the mysterious man in black knows the secrets behind its true potential. Accompanied by a beautiful assassin with ruthless plans of her own, they have surreptitiously taken over the greatest country the world has ever known. With the fate of America, and the world, hanging in the balance, Jack Sterling leads his team through time, to unlock the mysteries of a fantastic machine and attempt to stop the evil that is, once again, threatening to spread across the globe.

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